Wednesday 1 October 2008

Appetite issues

At the moment - I am just not very inspired to eat. (Mind you - anybody that saw me at Christian's Mum's house on Sunday may just disagree with that sentence :) I usually love my food and because I do quite a bit of exercise - usually can eat what I like without a problem. Sometimes people are quite astonished by just how much food I can polish off in one sitting!

I've just been food shopping at M&S and simply couldn't find my fodder mojo. I simply couldn't find anything that I fancied. I ended up buying 6 fresh yorkshire puddings - and some fresh gravy - I've just tried to eat them and ended up throwing more than half of it away. I am losing weight - which is not really a good thing - because I wasn't very big to start with - and all girls know that when you lose weight - it's the boobs that go first - a very long time before anything leaves your hips! Wouldn't it be great if it was the other way around? My Appetite is my barometer - and when all is well in Tracy's World I eat like a horse. At the moment I am eating a bit like a sparrow. I didn't even take my trolley to the desserts section - that in itself is quite bizarre. So - I've just eaten - thrown most it away - and still feel hungry - but am not inspired to eat anything else. Fingers crossed that my appetite comes back soon or I will turn to 'dust'.

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