Thursday 2 October 2008

So much fun :-)

This dating website thing is such a hoot - honestly - I haven't laughed so much in ages. I'm sure that some of these fine specimens of manhood will find the girl of their dreams one day - but they won't find her here - oh no!!!

To be fair - some of them seem very nice - well brought up - gentlemanly - nicely mannered - but - well, just a tad on the boring side - and then there's the usual bunch of wierdos - including one guy who has sent me some very explicit e mails regarding what he could do - given the chance - well - FAT CHANCE - is my reply to that!! There is the facility to block e mails from unwelcome suitors...but that would take away half the fun. The number of men who don't put their photo on there is staggering - then they e mail you the picture and it's so obvious why they wouldn't put it on the website in the first place. I have set up a google e mail address so they can mail me their photographs - one guy mailed me his - and to be kind I would say he looked like the back end of two buses. When I didn't reply to him again after seeing the photos he sent me a very cross e mail telling me that I wasn't 'all that' and so how dare I ignore him once I had seen his photo. Classic. Well I wouldn't cross the road to get to you mate - so I'm not going to lead you on am I? Be fair.

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