Wednesday 8 October 2008


I've just come home from Kingston - I went to meet a chap for coffee. It was interesting. We talked about all sorts of things - and funnily enough - he seemed to be on my wavelength about most things. We had about the same level of knowledge about people, how things work and self- awareness. That made a nice refreshing change - to be able to chat with somebody without having to explain what you mean about certain things - just to be able to talk to somebody who knows / understands exactly where you're coming from with stuff.

Will I see him  again? Hmm - not sure. He left it by saying that he would like to see me again - but he didn't want to be one of a number that I was dating - so if I was interested in taking things further to give him a call - but on the understanding that if I wanted to explore future possibilities with him I would be expected to only be seeing him. Fair enough I thought - he wasn't pushy or demanding - just very matter of fact. I respected that about him as it told me that he had great self respect and an awareness of what he wanted / expected, and anything else just wouldn't do.

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