Friday 24 October 2008

Cake in the Middle of the day - and other decadence

I have just been on the 'phone to my friend Nicola. Oh - how we laughed ! She told me she was just eating cake in the middle of the day and we decided that this was incredibly decadent - albeit forgiveable, and understandable. Then she tells me that she has an M&S Pain au Chocolait dessert thing in her fridge that she's soon going to scoff. I wouldn't mind but Nicola is tiny - a mere size eight - and whatever she eats has no future bearing on the size of her - it's a good job I really like her. We then discussed new dishcloths and tea towels - which is a "women of a certain age" discussion. Actually we decided that is it okay to throw out old dishcloths and tea towels whenever they are starting to look less than shiny white - because at Lidl they're as cheap as chips. It's a northern thing (Nicola is another one from up North) - and northern women don't discard cloths just because they're looking grubby - we save them for cleaning shoes or such nonsense. Anyway Nicola has had a good day because she has treated herself to a new white dish cloth. I totally understand the joy that will have brought her. I then told her about my good day - which is for entirely more substantial reasons than a new dishcloth!!! Like a true friend she was delighted to hear my news. I'm meeting her for lunch on Monday - can't wait!!!

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