Thursday 2 October 2008

My Inbox is full

I'm laughing as I read that title back!!! It sounds like a line from a 'Carry-On" film. I've just got up to find that there are another 80 plus emails from the dating website. I can't possibly spend another day looking at random men from all over the country and beyond.... who want to date somebody. When you read their profile it tells you how many messages they have sent to women, and how many 'winks'. Some of these guys are into hundreds and thousands!!! I think they cast their net far and wide!! I don't really want to be one of a hundred choices - and certainly not one of over a thousand. I'd like to be 'the one'. Clearly if a date doesn't work out - they just tick you off the list and move onto number 964. Charming!!!!

Somebody said to me a few days ago that there isn't just one person for each of us. If you think about the population of the UK - some 60 million...take away those that are too young, married, or in a relationship, and then those that are too old, and there will be about two and half million that would be right for me!!! Looks like a lot of those live on this website :)

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