Saturday 18 October 2008

I love my Horse!!!

I've just got back from a riding lesson and I'm ashamed to tell you that it's the first time I've even sat on Phoebe for 6 weeks. She'd never been in this particular menage before and would have had every right to spook, bolt, freak out - especially when a huge flock of birds flew out of the huge Poplar trees right at the side of us - or nap to her friends who were in the fields at the side of us - but no - because she is the absolute sweetheart that she is she just behaved herself impeccably - not even a flinch when they started the rowing race on the river with a starting pistol some ten minutes into the lesson !! She did everything we asked of her and gave even more - working soft and round after just ten minutes of warm up exercises. I was using muscles that I haven't used for 6 weeks - thighs, abs, shoulders and pecs....ouch!!!  She is truly a diamond among horses and I am so very very very blessed to have her.  I have a feeling that tomorrow I will be walking like Douglas Bader :)

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