Friday 3 October 2008


I am absolutely creased laughing. I cannot get away from this computer - but in a minute I must as I have to get showered and ready to go to Trish's for lunch. I want to share with you some of the screen names of these guys from this here goes.....Mr Vanlove (nice), Bigpole (?),
Digitaljedi (seriously? - he's a keeper) , Matureman (yes, lets), Rudesdon'treply (Ugly? he's not getting replies), Iamdynamite (needs exploding) Bigtomcat (ooh yes please) Mrtwubble (rightio), Bumponhead (you don't say?) and finally 'Fudgetunnel' (ooh quick - I must e mail him...NOT)

I have never, ever, ever laughed so much :)  I'm sure there'll be more later xx

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