Friday 31 October 2008


It's all going on around here! Firstly we have two house guests - very nice too if you like that sort of thing!!! They're not too bad - 2 irish chaps from goodness knows where, who are doing some work for 'The Company' and due to the credit crunch and ensuing tightening of belts - they are kipping down in the big house to save on hotel bills. This is all fine - but they have the gift of the blarney, and I can hear them blethering through my bedroom wall - at 7.30am if you please!!! This has necessitated me going through there and 'glaring' at them in a scarey way to get the message across that this a peaceful haven of tranquility and not some kind of Dublin fairground. Point taken. Anyway it's all forgiven as they have cooked my breakfast this morning - I was quite excited thinking it was going to be a fry up - but no the cupboard is bare - so it was spaghetti hoops on toast - ugh!! Still it's the thought that counts!!! 

Busy weekend to come - riding lesson tomorrow - and more domestic goddess stuff. (Woop di doo - I love ironing!) Something nice planned for Sunday afternoon / evening, and then the start to a very busy week. Monday is lunch with Cressie, drinks in the evening with Oboe Jane up in London, Tuesday is a possible night out with Jo, Wednesday it's back to Heathrow to fetch a globetrotting friend back from her travels and then feed her (long haul flight - poor thing!) Thursday is packing and shopping - and the Friday I'm getting an early flight from Gatwick for four days of frolicking in the sunshine (please let there be sunshine) in Caba Pino. 

I have no clue how I ever found the time to go to work!!!

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