Friday 24 October 2008

Jordan castrates her horse !

Jordan - aka Katie Price has been at it again. In her 'reality' tv show (whose reality is that please?) she has now assisted a veterinary surgeon to geld her horse. Gelding a horse is a tricky operation and it is done on male horses to lower their testosterone levels so that they are more amenable to being ridden. A Stallion is a fine animal and has more presence than a Gelding - flashier paces - a more complete and stunning movement - however they can be very tricky to ride and to handle - so most male horses are gelded. It's usually a job for the vet and is mainly done when the horse is young. I can't think of a single horse owner who would want to assist at that operation - so why would she? Apart from anything else you would require a modicum of intelligence to assist a vet so that would normally preclude her - wouldn't it? 

I don't get Jordan - I can't work out if she's very very dumb or very very smart. Mind you saying that - she's done a pretty good job of totally castrating Peter Andre.

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