Wednesday 1 October 2008

The trouble with dating websites.....

I've just been reading a number of profiles of guys on THAT website. First of all - more than half of them have no photo - does that make me shallow that I would want to see a picture of somebody before I would be prepared to engage in any communication with them? I'm not sure to be honest - but I would be more comfortable knowing what somebody looks like (even slightly) before embarking on even a brief chat. I mean, if you meet somebody whilst you're out and about - you can clearly see what they look like - can't you?

Many many years ago I joined a dating agency and ended up on a blind date with a guy who only had one eye - that was something I thought he could have a whole new meaning to the phrase 'Blind Date'. 

Some of these men are very forthright and making no bones about exactly what they want - run for the hills girls!!! and there are others who are saying (in their descriptions) that they have had their hearts broken and don't want to be messed about - step away from the damaged goods! It's all a bit disturbing if you ask me. Some of them are clearly quite angry about what has happened to them previously - which is quite sad really....pity the poor woman who has to try and fix all that stuff.

I think I prefer meeting people in a conventional traditional way rather than via the internet - and these things are far better left to chance - after all the Universe brings up what we need at the time we need it - so If I'm meant to be a in a relationship with Roger , 54, from Hounslow, non-smoker - with own house, own teeth, not much hair, slightly overweight, GSOH, 2 grown up children, likes movies, theatre, fine wines and dining out, swinging from the rafters wearing women's pants and matching S10 respirator- (and would he be the one to beat me on my bottom with the "Women's Weekly" while bending me backwards over the hostess trolley?- Thankyou Victoria Wood)  then surely the universe will deliver him to me on a plate ? yes????


Beautiful New life