Thursday 9 October 2008

Forty five minutes

That's exactly how long tonight's date lasted. As soon as I saw him  I wished it could have been 45 seconds. I know that sounds unkind - but he was absolutely nothing like his photograph - and I mean nothing - to the extent that I may even believe that he'd got the photo from some kind of catalogue of photos of average looking guys.  We were suppose to be having dinner - but I could never be that hungry. I would rather spend the rest of my life being fed by an intravenous drip. 

I managed to drink one glass of coke and I was away. (I would have drunk it quicker but I have sensitive teeth). When I sat down he hitched his chair nearer to mine and got right in my space, and right in my face - how irritating!!! This is the guy that's been calling me twice a day all week - so I suppose I should have known - but honestly - I was mortified - it was dreadful. The thought of joining a convent even crossed my mind. I even looked which way the ladies loos were to see if they were close enough to the door for me to do a runner...and that's something that my good manners would never normally allow me to contemplate :)

When I made my excuses and left after 45 minutes he said to me - "I'll call you tomorrow" - how thick skinned is that? - there I am - meant to be having dinner with him - leaving after less than an hour, and the daft bat still thinks he can call me tomorrow? Yea Gods - give me strength.....

How I managed to survive 45 minutes is a mystery to me - I was internally screaming after the first three minutes. He was boring and dull and well - kind of creepy. 

Within an hour of meeting him I had escaped and was sitting at Su's being fed Sausage, egg and chips and beans. That's what I call a result :) Normality (of a sort) has now been restored.

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