Friday 24 October 2008

Dinner and wine

There is a new branch of the Bengal Clipper here in Weybridge and I have been twice in one week. I went earlier in the week with Dan's Dad and the boys - and we had a really great meal. So last night I went again - and again - I wasn't disappointed. I did have rather too much wine early on last night - but then calmed down a bit during dinner - it was necessary as I was running the risk of appearing to be that dreadful middle aged lush. When I drink I get to the point where I am thinking "oh  dear - I should stop now before I go too far and make a complete tit of myself!" Sometimes I go straight past that point without heeding the warning and do indeed make a complete tit of myself -(Chaise Longue - Justin's wedding!)  but then at other times common sense reigns and I go onto soft drinks. Making a tit of yourself after too much alcohol is okay when you're in your teens, also it can be easily overlooked when you're in your twenties, at a push it's forgiveable when you're in your thirties (as long as you have understanding friends)  but it's never okay when you're in your forties - when you're in your forties it's just incredibly sad and ridiculous!!! I did have one moment at The Belfry a couple of years ago which resulted in a two day hangover - but that wasn't really my fault as the events team plied me with WKD which tastes like Tizer - one moment I was okay - the next I was acting like a paraplegic on speed :)

Last night I did the coke thing for a while and then had some more wine when I got home - thinking some dutch courage may be required!!!

As it turned out no dutch courage was required at all and I had a perfectly lovely evening:) 

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