Wednesday 1 October 2008

See What I mean?

This is an e mail that I have just received. Now - forgive me - but I just cracked up when I read it. Names have been changed to protect the stupid.My question is - if this guy has had so many e mails - why on earth is he still single? I Particularly liked the bit about being well-groomed and particular in regard to hygiene - I should think so too!! And my question is - he has mellowed since what exactly?

am well groomed and very particular in regard to cleanliness and hygiene. I am a VIRGO and have mellowed since.
I have lots of friends, both men and women and they will tell you that I am a likeable and not a bad looking person.
I am sociable, polite and have a great respect for women.My kind of music are old favourites: In the Mood, Begin the Beguine, Moonlight Serenade, Smoke gets in your Eyes, Stardust Glenn Miller. 
Other favourites of mine are Band Leaders such as: Percy Faith, Low Praeger, Mantovani just to name a few.

My other interest: Reading Newspapers, Financial Review and Magazines. 
I only watch on TV: News, Current Affairs and Real Good Movies.

I am also interest in: Politics, Religion, Finance, History and Geography.

I am coming back to this site after being a member for the past 3 years and during that time I received more than 1,000 mails from many countries. I prefer to receive email messages where I am able to contact the sender or able to chat rather than receiving mail in my letter box but unable to reply.

When I read this the giggles just start up in the back of my throat and I end up helplessly in fits :)


  1. LOL - He is a "keeper" :)

    With quality like this - best you didnt pay the subscription fee :D

  2. LOL - He is a "keeper" :)

    With quality like this - best you didnt pay the subscription fee :D


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