Tuesday 2 September 2008

Look at the time!!!

I've overslept - yikes!!!  have to be somewhere at 9.30. .......I was woken up at 3.30am by mating foxes under my bedroom window again and then again an hour later by torrential rain. This morning I need Noah and his craft to get off the drive. It's a good job I have a big black "Yorkie bars aren't for girls" truck or I'd be bound to get stuck in a deep puddle today. The sky would be grey if I could see it - but I can't look that far up because there's too much rain. It's not that fine 'Peter Kay' rain either...no, no, no.... it's bucket rain. 

I wish I were somewhere warm. Talking of which (nice link - eh?) last night I was thrilled to get a comment on here about my supper from the Great Adrian Jones, who now resides in Cyprus. I haven't seen or heard from Adrian from about 15 years - and then up pops a comment from him on here!!! Who is Adrian Jones? He is the Perfume Guru. He is a lovely man who I worked with for four years  from 1987 to 1991. He is very wise, and very funny - and there were four of us who shared a house in Chester for a few months before Dan's Dad and I got a place of our own. We worked on the start of a business together and those days were very creative and a lot of fun. We lived on fresh air and lots of pasta as we were all skint...and those few months were wonderful. We had many a night out at the Indian restaurant at Sealand with Lovely Adrian and Anna. Happy Days!!!!

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