Monday 1 September 2008

Barbie clothes

Next door (in the big house) there is a new cleaner. She's quite foreign and doesn't speak much English. Despite the fact that I have asked her about six times now NOT to put my laundry in the tumble dryer (because a lot of my stuff is wool and cotton and I don't want it to fit a Barbie doll....NO, I want it to fit me!) she keeps on doing so anyway. I do my own washing - but when she arrives often my washing is in the machine - so to be helpful she just sticks it in the dryer - turns the heat up to max and blasts it better than a smelting furnace. 

I have just discovered my favourite white trousers (apparently my bum looks really good in them) and my white silk blouse shrunk to within an inch of their life. I am really seeing red :(

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