Monday 1 September 2008

Great friends

I was thinking this morning about all my friends. This weekend I have been surrounded by them in one way or another. Which has been lovely. I hear from Christian and Victoria most days via blog comments or e mail (their comments always makes me laugh out loud)... Jo is here most days - or I'm there - and I see Su loads - and when I'm not seeing her we talk for ages on the 'phone. I have a very special friend who lives overseas who stays in touch regularly - and I love that communication. Then there's lovely Clare in Australia who e mails regularly, and also Cornelia who is in Dubai, Cousin Stephen in Canada, and my own brother Russell who I hear from a couple of times each week - he's visiting soon (yippee)....and of course - loads and loads more. I have friends in every far flung corner of the world...perhaps I need to travel and visit some of them more. 

People can be very far away - but still held very closely inside your heart, and kept there by the memories that you share and the communication that you enjoy. With the wonders of modern technology ( email, texting, the www) you can communicate with someone at the other side of the world as if they were in the next room. Mind you I still like to write letters and use postage stamps - because there's nothing better than Postman Pat (and his black and white cat) calling and dropping you something 'real' and not virtual through your letter box. 

So - let's hear it for friends - and the colour they bring...hip hip hooray!!!

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