Tuesday 4 May 2010

Music - and a night out with Bill

Last night I went out with my lovely lovely pal Bill. We had so much fun as he's very funny. He's also very attuned to his feminine side so he can chat away about almost anything - he was telling me all about his new girlfriend - and we were creased up laughing as I recounted all my dating disasters. Later, after dinner - we went to a local venue to see one of his pals playing guitar in a band - and that was good too. The guitarist's girlfriend was Jarvis Cocker's sister - (Oh you name dropper) and I met her and she was lovely - if a tad eccentric.

Today I've been for lunch with Jacqui, coffee with Fiona - and tonight I'm having dinner with Helen. (I will be getting fat).

This afternoon I have been playing some good old fashioned T Rex in my car - playing it very loud - with the windows down and bopping. A chap in the car next to me at a junction even joined in!!!. You can keep your Lady Gagas, and your weird modern shite - I love the stuff from the 70's. It never dates (unlike me)....(ha ha - that's actually quite funny..)

My favourite T Rex track of the day is this one. It's great for driving to :)


  1. its all about....... "i love to boogie".......... you should know that by now woman..... not some swan song lol xx

    C xxx

  2. Actually 'I love to boogie' is a swan song from the '70's too! All of the T.Rex music is some kind of swan song from the '70's because Marc Bolan died on 16th September 1977.


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