Thursday 6 May 2010

Polling Day

Well - it's the day the country has waited for....Election Day! the suspense is killing me...I've got up early ..not really to watch the election but because last night I had indian food and my lovely helpful digestive system woke me up with a bit of "Oh you need to be nearer to the Andrex bubbling and a gurgling" know how it is!

Now I'm up - the telly's on and we're off in this exciting two horse race (albeit with a favoured outsider). For the first time ever I'm quite interested in the outcome... if only to see if the country will re-elect dear Mr Brown (him of the repeated faux-pas and zero personality) or will they turn to 'Mr wife dresses from M& of the people'. Some of my pals are staunch lefties - and others are died-in-the-wool tories. So, wisely I feel , I haven't said much - and to be honest don't really have much of opinion either way. I would like John Smith not to have died, or maybe the government should be made up of long standing members of the WI - they would get everything done, nobody would argue, and there'd be tea and cake by 4.30 every day. Wouldn't that be great?

Another favourable option would be if the country could be run by S&M enthusiasts (as opposed to M&S). Imagine that - the House of commons all dressed up in leather and gags, carrying whips and chains...and threatening each other with 'cat-o-nine-tails' in the debating would be a lot more fun! Mr Speaker could be hung up by his thumbs and the back benchers could file past and paddle his cool would that be?

Anyway - enough prattling on - I've got a day's election to watch! May the best man win.


  1. As long as Brown is out I will be happy. If Cameron is PM tomorrow I will be even happier. :-)

    I like the idea of an S&M government but seriously, could you really see a bunch of late middle ages women whose key skills include cake baking and knitting running the country?

    Oh yes, you also need to find a job. :-)

  2. Middle aged women with few key skills couldn't mess it up as badly as the last lot have :)

  3. Good Morning Tracy
    I say bring back Maggie Thatcher she rocks


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