Tuesday 11 May 2010

My Father

I haven't spoken to my Father for over a year. The last time I saw him was at my Grandmother's funeral and I think he spoke about three words to me. He didn't send me a Christmas card or gift - and he never ever phones me.

My friend Fiona's Dad arrived from France yesterday and she was really looking forward to seeing him. For a girl there is nobody more influential in her life than her father - especially when she is little  (and secretly when she's bigger too).

When I was growing up my Dad was my world, and I wish he could be part of my world now - but he chooses not to be.

I have no idea why. He's old, and getting older by the day, and he's not going to be around for ever. Lots of people don't have a father, or mother...but I have both. It's just that one my parents has chosen to not have me in his life. I think that's a bit sad. ....and it hurts (a lot).

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  1. you can borrow mine anytime xx ( but please give him back )

    hugs and kisses


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