Saturday 22 May 2010

Bedding plants dilemma....

Another beautiful sunny day afoot me thinks. Which brings me to bedding plants. (Neural pathways firing on all cylinders today peeps!). I have one week left. One week before I am back ensconced in my teeny weeny wee cottage of beautifulness. Outside the cottage there is a flagstone stretch which leads to the pavement. Sitting upon this flagstone stretch there are two half barrels.

When I lived there before - these were filled to the brim with bedding plants - and even though I do say so myself - they were extremely pretty. People would stop and stare! No kidding.

Sadly - the barrels have almost rotted away - but I have located replacements.......and could pop and buy them this very morning. They would then need painting - and the soil from the old ones would require decanting into the new ones.....and then planting out with said bedding plants.

The garden centres are full of bedding plants at present - it's 'that week' when they are everywhere - and all places are brimming with stock...but by next weekend they will all be gone - dilemma - do I go and get the bedding plants today while there are loads to chose from - or do I risk waiting until next week - and run the risk of there being nowt' decent left in t'shops?

Answers on a postcard please?

PS - I have no idea who that little boy is

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