Friday 28 May 2010


Am just watching the BBC News. It's all about the three bodies found in Yorkshire. They're just interviewing a girl called Emma who's 22 and owes thousands to drug dealers. Emma is on a waiting list for drug rehab...but she's waiting - and in the meantime spends £100 per day on heroin.

Prostitution and drugs. How very very very sad. These girls are all somebody's daughter, they're all somebody's grand-daughter, niece, sister. They all got excited when they were small about birthday parties, pop stars, make-up, boys, music, sweets and toys. They all had first boyfriends, went to school, and had dreams and ambitions. They're just like the rest of us. But somewhere along the journey they have gone off the path. They didn't mean to - they never dreamed that this would happen. They probably wanted to be a ballerina or a princess. Not a hooker or a junkie.

I have no clue how to get them back on the right's a complex and difficult issue. Mental illness, desperation, addiction...people study for years to help to solve these problems...and still the issues remain.

It's so very very sad. To live in such a dark place, and wake up every morning feeling that you need to go out and do that, so that later you can go and do that.

...and now three girls are dead. With a whole load of music still in them. People loved them, and cared about them. There will be more, that's for sure. Maybe not now, this week, or this year...but there will be.

What can we do?

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  1. Make drugs legal. You ensure purity, can tax the hell out of it and you immediatly kill the illegal drug trade.

    I know what you mean about these people not asking for this sort of life but nobody forced them to stick a needle in their arm.


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