Wednesday 26 May 2010

Nearly there

Okay. It's Wednesday. Moving in day is Saturday. I am so excited. Yesterday I went and painted the flower barrels. My knees were killing me - kneeling on flagstones for three and a half hours is not a great idea - next time I'll use a cushion.(!)

Today I have to go and source a load of kitchen stuff. Girl cannot live without tin opener and bread knife! I already have a pal coming round for dinner on Tuesday night - not that she'll be expecting Cordon Bleu - but she will be expecting wine - so I'll need a corkscrew then!!!

Also today I'm going to have a chat with a pal - who can hopefully put me in touch with a website builder so I can get my little business off the ground.

Yesterday I got some kind of explanation about a few things - and explanations lead to understanding - which then leads to closure. This is good. Not entirely sure if it's as solid as it feels right now - I may waiver later - but right now it feels better, and kind of okay.

Sometimes we just do the best we can with the knowledge and the tools we have available. If somebody else doesn't understand us fully - at the end of the day - that's their problem.

I think that's about right :)

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