Saturday 22 May 2010

My far

Well...I've been and bought two new half-barrels. Took them to the Cottage. Decanted the soil from old rotting barrels into new solid sturdy barrels. Mixed in bonemeal fertilizer. Went to Homebase. To buy sturdy bin bags.

Hottest day of the year so far - therefore Homebase full to the brim with the entire population of Sheffield buying bedding plants et al as if it's going out of fashion. Twenty minute queue to get out of car park (!)

Back to Cottage - broke up old barrels - put them in bin bags. Broke fingernail. Realised there is difficulty straightening up when have been bending over for more than 20 minutes. Attempted to weed between flagstones where neglect means that moss and grass and dandelions (tough roots) have grown. Realised there is even more difficulty straightening up. Went to pub next door for cold drink.

Loaded bin bags onto back of truck. Drove to tip. Entire population of Sheffield have now left Homebase and are queuing to get into tip. Noticed sign (when half way down entrance road - after 3/4 hour) saying that my vehicle is classed as commercial and therefore cannot use tip. Swore...loudly.

Came back to Mum's. Noticed huge industrial size bins in bin park. Checked no-one looking. Realised there is difficulty getting out of car after sitting in driving position for over an hour. Put rubbish from back of truck into huge bins.

Went inside. Had coffee. Tended to blisters (7) on hands. Sat on sofa. Fell asleep. Woke up. Realised there is difficulty walking, bending standing up, sitting down.... after laying prone for an hour. Staggered to kitchen. Realised buttering bread is difficult when not stood up straight and hands have blisters. Made something resembling armaggedon sandwich. Ate sandwich.

Later x

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