Wednesday 26 May 2010

Little legs

This is Little Legs and her Mum. Phoebe and Emma. Phoebe was named after my horse (Emma will dispute that but I know it's true!). She's the cutest little girl around. Very bright and funny. When she was just a baby it took me weeks and weeks to get her to smile and laugh at me. (I think she was afraid). But we did it - and then she never stopped!

At the weekend she took her tiny pony Jim-Jam to a show.

She's the next Zara Philips.


  1. Cutest little girl around? Cuter than Alice and Amelia?

    You remember them? One of them is your goddaughter.

  2. Okay....she's the cutest little girl in Surrey. Obviously Alice and Amelia are the cutest little girls north of Watford....many grovelling apologies.......


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