Wednesday 19 May 2010


Hmmmm... well 'Fasthosts' - you haven't lived up to your name this afternoon.

I have just spent 40 minutes trying - in vain - to register 4 domain names with Fasthosts. It's a web service - or you can do it on the phone. I opted for the web service. No sooner had I entered my telephone phone rang - and it was chippy helpful chappie wanting to assist me with my purchase! I told him that I only wanted to register the domain names for five years and I figured I could manage that by myself - but 'thanks awfully'.....

Cut to twenty minutes later when I have gone through the credit card process four times and been thrown out four times...only to find that the domain names I wanted to register are no longer available - because they are registered to me in cyberspace - but not in reality....I bite the bullet and pick up the 'phone. Jonathan (nice young man) tried to help me ...I only want to pay for the domain names.....cannot tell me if the names are registered to me or not.....somehow they - along with my credit card details  have been lost in the ether. Then he told me he had to end the call because it was time for him to go home.....priceless.

Now - apparently - I have to wait for an e mail letting me know one way or another if the much wanted domain names are mine or not.

Company should be renamed as "Not-so-Fast-Hosts".

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