Friday 28 May 2010


Oooooh Clairvoyance. It's a strange one. It's kind of works though. I've been going to 'night school' now for about 6 weeks. At a Church. A spiritualist church no less. We've been learning all kinds of stuff. I won't bore you with the details.

Last night's lesson was about dead people (wow - what a surprise!) We all had to bring a photograph or something that belonged to somebody who had 'passed over'. Of course I forgot.

I had to work with a photograph which belonged to somebody else, of a seemingly cheerful person, who was sitting on the bonnet of a red car. I had to go up on stage (!) and 'read' the picture. When you do this what happens is that words or images just 'pop' into your head.

Whilst holding the picture I got the word 'skip' and my friend Helen's dog came into my mind (the dog was called 'skip'). I also got the name 'Ernest' and an idea that he had a bad leg. I also saw a picture of my Uncle Arthur working in his garden in his vegetable patch.

I told this information.

Turns out the guy was called Ernest, he ran a skip business when he was alive, grew vegetables (and won prizes for it), and he walked with a limp.

Now - I don't know about you - but I think that's fooking spooky.

Lots of Love, Mystic Meg xx


  1. LOL....No more!!! Please stop!!! LOL

    My sides are splitting.


  2. I knew I'd get that reaction from you fact I predicted it exactly. You see, I am a spooky physcic (can't bloody spell that word!)


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