Monday 17 May 2010


Because I am bored this morning - ie avoiding doing things that matter - like laundry and ironing and having a shower and stuff - I have been reading back through my blog. I looked back to what I was doing a year ago. I found a picture of me and Posselq in Spain last May and it made me cry. I hate it when things end badly and when someone who you shared your life with disappears in a puff of smoke...never to be seen again. I still don't really understand why what happened happened - or why it happened the way it did. Sometimes I miss him, and the life we had. We had some really, really great times - and laughed a lot. For a while - we made each other very, very happy...sadly, somethings just don't work out the way you wish they would. Whatever he's doing now - I hope he's okay.


  1. Thankyou for that...anonymous! Hugs are lovely - expecially when they're from a lovely friend x


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