Saturday 15 May 2010

George Ventour's willy

Last night I went out with Jayne. We were chatting - (you don't say) as we do and reminiscing about junior school. Names were mentioned - most of whom I couldn't remember - but some I could. We both remembered George Ventour (names have not been changed to protect the innocent). I particularly remembered the summer day when he showed me his willy! I was about nine years old and we were walking home from school down the cinder path which emerged onto Hastings Avenue. He just got it out! Just like that! As far as I can remember I never asked to see it (although I could be wrong). I also remember being somewhat scared!

The Ventour family were from Ghana - which isn't really relevant apart from the fact that he was black and that is quite relevant - because it was huge! I had two brothers so it wasn't the first willy I'd seen - but as my brothers were pre-pubescent (they'll never forgive me for saying that) their willies were maggot-like in dimensions. George's was like a tree branch. I remember thinking that it was wrong to be looking - but couldn't quite work out why - but I did know enough not to share this particular nugget of news with my Mum when I got home. I don't even know why it frightened me because I don't think at that age I was aware of what you were meant to do with a willy  (I'm not altogether sure  that I know now). However, I do recall quite clearly that it was the scariest thing I'd ever seen!

I wonder what George is doing now? If that day was anything to go by he'd have been ideal for a successful career in porn movies :)

Update - I've just googled George (for fun) and I wonder if this is him. I've sent him a message on Facebook to find out! I'll keep you posted as to whether he replies!

Update no 2 - I think it is George because I've just scrawled through his friends and found this guy and am sure he went to our Junior school too! Jayne (who has a better memory than me will confirm this - or not!)

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