Friday 21 May 2010

The pursuits of mad (and sad) middle aged women

Today Jacqui and I went to lunch at the Garden Centre. We are, without doubt excellent examples of middle aged women. We chat about all kinds of womanly things - for example...hormones, gardening, husbands (hers, not mine), cooking, handbags and shoes...and many other things.

Today - after a nice Tuna sandwich (me) and a cheese & tomato toasty (her) we went for a wander. We found ourselves stopping and looking (in an aghast manner) at the display pictured above. Not wanting to insult anybody I won't say exactly how hideous I thought these garden ornaments were on a scale of one to ten.....but it was approximately 9.75 (!). Luckily we weren't wearing trousers with elasticated waists - but I was wearing soft soled loafer shoes.......oh christ......where are my stillettos???

Later on I went to Fi-fi's and then we sat in the garden with coffee and fags and a foot spa! We both had a go - it was takes so little these days to make me happy :)

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