Tuesday 11 May 2010

At long last...

...we finally have a new Prime Minister. I've been saying (because I'm a smart arse) for five days that he had to chose the tories. Well, he did...didn't he? Most votes, most seats, bit of a no brainer, and had he gone the other way the middle classes would have been revolting  (I don't mean revolting as in 'shops at Lidl, and has children to three different fathers...called names like Shannon and Kylie and Chelsea'...I mean revolting as in wagging their middle aged tongues and tutting, and vowing never to wear blue again).

Anyway - I'm just glad it's all sorted out - now we just have to take a deep breath and let the Conservative v Lib Dem squabbling begin.

I'm a bit glad that there's no more Gordon though - his funny face and strange chubby lips used to put me about a bit. Wonder what he'll do now? I hear they need night shift shelf stackers at Tesco on Abbeydale Road.

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