Sunday 30 May 2010

Just a quick hello....

Ever so ever so ever so busy today. Just having coffee and toast with my Mum - but have done three hours cleaning and sorting this morning and have soooo much more to do. Have spoken to Gardener, skip man and oven cleaning man (yuch). Yesterday Fiona and I spent three hours cleaning ...she did the bathroom and the wardrobes - did a sterling job - she's a star! We did decide that a new toilet seat is in order. I'm not that keen on folk who can't clean a loo! And...the least said about the oven the better. I inadvertently set the alarm off and couldn't remember the code. The police came! ...and eventually the alarm engineer called and reset it all for me - so now I know how to use it. Anthony came round and helped me carry my TV back downstairs, and then we had chinese takeaway.

Oh yes - I also got lovely flowers from a dear pal and some lovely cards.

Just thought I'd let you know that I've had a message on Dating website for a guy calling himself 'Bellend0610'. Well - you just wouldn't would you?

More to do - see you later...... (anyone have any spare time this week - please feel free to pop round...Note: bring rubber gloves and cake!)

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  1. 'Bellend'... OMG, what a laugh!!!! I'm watching this space...


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