Monday 10 May 2010

Dear Cousin Stephen

Dear Cousin Stephen,

Thank you for the letter which arrived via Postman Pat and Jess the cat this very morning. We (Mum and I) were delighted to hear from you :)

I'm not so sure about the photograph - as I look a wee bit deranged - however - after the time I've had recently - that's not surprising.

I'm sorry to hear about the black flies - how much longer until they die away and are replaced by twelve feet of snow? Canada sure sounds like fun. :)

I understand you don't have my correct e mail address? Well - I don't have yours either as my main pc is still in storage - and there are no email addresses stored on my little lap here's a plan... (I'm not going to put it on here or George Clooney will start pestering me again...Jeez...that guy just won't give up).

Go to your facebook account - and check your private messages. I will send you a message on there including my e mail address...simples x

Much love to both of you (as always)......

Cousin Tracy x

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