Tuesday 18 May 2010

Dear Cathy and Claire (2)

Dear Cathy and Claire,

You may not remember me but I wrote to you a few days ago (I'm not a stalker...honestly) about the perils of homeware shopping. Today I have something else that is worrying me. I know that I probably shouldn't be writing to you twice in a week - but you're the first people I've found who I can tell about my problems without them constantly trying to either interrupt me - or stuff something solid in my mouth. (!)

Anyway - I don't want to waste your time - I know you probably have to pop out up town to a posh hotel to interview Leif Garrett or somebody equally famous...so I'll try not to keep you.

My problem concerns hair. On my chin. To be precise.

It's only one - but it's quite wiry and actually quite long - it measures 1.5cm or (if I turn my ruler over) 3/4 inch. It's also grey. (I am - quite frankly - bordering on the suicidal)

Do you think I should pluck it out (there's a rumour that it may grow back thicker and stronger and so very soon it will resemble a baby conger eel), or wax it - mind you I don't relish the idea of hot wax burns on my lower face. I could use Immac - but I'm a bit afraid as the last time I used that particular product I suffered second degree burns to my tuppence. I could simply pluck out the offending strand - but my tweezers are only made from tensile steel and I fear they may just not be strong enough. I am also worried about the pain. I simply don't do pain:)

Your speedy reply would be much appreciated because I'm hoping to kiss a boy on Friday and I would hate for the errant hair to get tangled in his brace.

Yours hopefully

Tracy x

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