Friday 21 May 2010


I need quite a bit of stuff for my new home. Kitchen stuff mainly - that's because I left it all behind - but it's a good excuse to get a load of new things from Matalan! :)

I never thought that at 46 years old I would need a new breadboard!...not to mention a kitchen bin. I have made a list which I will stick to the fridge when I get into my little cottage kitchen and get stuff a bit at a time. I do - however need a hoover and an iron straight away. So today I'll be trudging round Curry's contrasting and comparing Dyson versus Hoover. Let the best vacuum cleaner win. (I now have a mental picture of two vacuum cleaners squaring up to each other in a boxing ring - weird - eh?)


  1. Dyson all the way. Since we got our Dyson Ball we have never looked back.

  2. You're sadder than me...remember back in the day when we used to compare music and wine - now it's comparing vacuum awful is that :)


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