Friday 21 May 2010

One more week

I am so excited. One more week to go. ...and What's more I am thinking of having the gas fire taken out and a log basket put it instead - I can have an open fire!!!! (Mind you - it depends if the gas engineer tells me there's an adequate chimney...but seeing as the house is over three hundred years old - I think there will be an ok chimney - don't you?).

It will be so fab just to be back inside my little house once again. With my pretty little garden, and all my lovely personal things surrounding me. I'll be able to watch what I want to watch on the tv, I'll be able to eat what I want to eat - when I want to eat it - so if I fancy Choc Ice and Chips for my tea - I can!!!!

There'll be some cleaning and decorating to do - and some work in the garden - but I've got all the summer!

I am so giddy xx

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