Sunday 2 May 2010

Is that our Dan?

My Mum and I have been watching Badminton Horse Trials on the TV this afternoon. It was very exciting - thrills, spills and a few fallings off. It's Cross Country day today and it's a bit hairy to say the least. Dan is there watching it in person, and supporting Bruce Haskell and Kiwi Smog who she groomed for for two summers. Bruce had a good round - he was live on the BBC - it was quite exciting.

My mum is glued to the set and keeps imagining she can see Dan in the crowd. She's a bit obsessed to be honest and keeps saying...."Is that our that her....look there she is....what's she wearing?".

I've had to tell her that Dan has left now to go home because she's driving me nuts x

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  1. Lovely picture of you but not so good of me !!! lots of love xx


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