Wednesday 19 May 2010

Bucket List

I just trawled back through time and read this post. I never managed to gallop my horse on the beach, and now she is retired and I have no desire to ever get on another one - that's unlikely to happen. I did have piano lessons, and when my piano comes out of storage in a couple of weeks I may take that up again. Then again - I may just flog it on e bay. Haven't got round to singing Jerusalem with a big choir yet, or visited Paris and Rome - but there's still time. I think I've changed my mind about dressing up as a fairy and going shopping - dressing up no longer holds much appeal. I've yet to read Shakespeare, or do a parachute jump. Seeing as I'm nearly as blind as a bat the flying probably won't happen, and as my memory is crapper than crap - the acting in a play - unless it's mime - is a no-no.

I still haven't driven a racing car - although somebody half-arranged that for me - but never followed it through - so that's unlikely too.

Dreams are great aren't they - the problem is - that they're just dreams.......

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  1. Don't worry Trace, some of your dreams are not worth doing anyway.

    Firstly, your horse is now dogfood so that is out, but horses are stupid animals anyway and not really the stuff of dreams.

    The piano lessons are a great thing but it takes 10000 hours to become good at something and that is just too long at your ripe old age. :-) Go and see Jools Holland at the City Hall in December and just listen to someone who put the effort in.

    Singing with a big choir would be a bad thing, for anyone listening. I've heard your voice.

    Never been to Rome but Paris is wonderful and only a train journey away so there is really no excuse for that one.

    Going shopping dressed as a fairy is liable to get you arrested so scrap that one and Shakespeare is meant to be watched, not read. Go and see a production of his plays. It takes up much less time and is the best way to experience the great bard.

    There, that must have trimmed down your list a bit. Which other dreams can I destroy? :-)


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