Monday 24 May 2010


I don't care what you say...I like Sarah Ferguson. Not that I've ever met her - but she just makes me smile. She's a bit naughty - but she keeps trying doesn't she? Men sucking her toes a few years ago ...and the lass was villified in the press. Let's not forget the famous Tampax chat that Charlie had with Cams before they were married - in fact while he was married to somebody else. Not sure which is worse - toe-sucking or wanting to be a tampon???? Point being that Sarah suffered for her indiscretion much more than Chaz.

She's been bankrupt (welcome to the club) and then went on to make more money. You could say that she's traded on her connections (!) but who wouldn't? That's her only real saleable asset.

I wish I could flog connections to my ex husband(s) for a few quid - maybe I'll put it on e bay......but I'd probably have to give refunds :)

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