Sunday 4 April 2010

No chocolate

I didn't get anything for Easter! Not a scarat of chocolate of any description. I did go out for breakfast with Jacqui - but sadly our usual venue for 'Full English' was closed so we had to re-locate - but managed to find a little cafe where I enjoyed tomatoes on toast - in some kind of balsamic vinegar sauce thingy - quite nice for a 'make-do'.

Have been out to meet police officer number three (I'm still at liberty - so clearly today's police force are pretty poor at their jobs)...however sadly I have to report that once again - there was no spark. It's pretty crap - but I feel nothing. He was very nice, quite interesting (in a calm sort of way) - didn't make me laugh even once - and although I spent two hours in his company - simply felt nothing at all. I could have been sitting staring at the wall for two hours for all the difference it made.

This period of numbness - nothingness -  empty - non-feeling - dullness - void - lack of feeling about anything and everything has to end soon.

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