Sunday 25 April 2010

Alan Sillitoe

Alan Sillitoe has died today. Who's he? He's the author that wrote 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning' which is a great book and a fabulous film. It's a 1960's B&W kitchen sink drama starring Albert Finney.... and I first watched it when I was about ten years old - obviously I didn't understand the film then - but since then I've seen it about another ten times and it's very good indeed. I got a copy of it on DVD just last year and it belongs in 'my best movies of all time' shelf.  He also wrote 'The loneliness of the long distance runner' which is also extremely good. If you haven't seen this film I suggest you get hold of a copy and watch it. It's truly excellent.

Another great movie if you enjoy 'Saturday Night and Sunday Morning' is 'Spring & Port Wine' which is of the same genre (but not written by Sillitoe).

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