Monday 5 April 2010

The Church Story

Right - the Church story. Last week a pal of mine introduced me to a very nice man (who is a chemist...which is totally irrelevant but I like a bit of detail) who reads tarot cards. He came - asked me to pick some cards - and then went away. A few days later he provided a written reading based on the cards I had chosen. While he had a quick cup of tea I was asking all about him - how he came to start reading the cards etc.......people fascinate me you see. He told me he was a member of a spiritualist church here in Sheffield, he was / is clairvoyant and other such things. 'Hmmmm....interesting' I thought. Quite fascinating in fact. And then promptly forgot all about it.  The following day I go trotting to Meadowhall to meet a chap from the dating website ......through our chat I discover that he too is a member of the spiritualist church...the very same church that our tarot reading chemist attended! How bizarre. Two completely random meetings in two days.......a pointer do you think?

Well, I did. So on Saturday night I went to the church. They have a meeting called 'Open Circle' on a Saturday evening. Everyone is welcome and basically they're a bunch of nice people who all 'see'or 'hear' things from the spirit world. Prayers were said and tea was made !

It doesn't matter if you believe in all that kind of stuff or not - the point is that I like to learn about things. Everyone is entitled to believe whatever they choose - as long as they're not hurting anybody else. That's my view anyway - and I'm sticking to it.

Anyway - I got some messages. Not just one - but a few. 'Somebody' told me about my mum melting the kettle the night before. And that is exactly how they said it. How the hell could they have known that? They mentioned my eternity ring which I now wear on my right hand (and they knew I was wearing it on the wrong hand). They knew about my Grandfather sewing (he was a tailor) and my other grandfather could be seen sitting at the side of a pile of wood (he was a joiner). They mentioned a photograph of me that was on the top of my Gran's TV for years and years - in which I am leaning on the bonnet of a pal blue Jaguar XJS. They actually said 'pale blue sports car'. They knew about the sisters having a birthday this week (my Mum and her twin sister's birthday is today). They told me that I had recently been very badly deceived by somebody - but that the truth will come out in due course - and a big apology will be forthcoming........Can't wait for that!!!!

They said ...and I quote 'you will be soon getting the keys back to your home'. They mentioned a discussion about a headstone - which is bizarre as only last week we had the big family discussion about if we should mention my Grandfather on my Grandmother's headstone. Then they said that they could see me standing with horses. BIZARRE!

Understandably the whole thing was a bit scarey - and caused me a bit of an emotional reaction (no shit sherlock)...but it was totally fascinating. Everything was quite accurate - but random - and there was no way that those things could have been known. No way at all. 

I'm not sure if I buy all that stuff or not - but to be sure - there was something going on there that was quite odd.


  1. Even I could have told you about the kettle. You wrote about it on this blog!! :-)

    Maybe if I said it in a spooky voice!!

  2. Yes - I know - but they hadn't read my blog - they didn't know who I was or even that I was going to the Church that night...doh doh doh...oh I get it - you're kidding ...right?


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