Friday 16 April 2010

Old friends

Today I'm going to meet my friend Jayne. Jayne and I met for the very first time in 1968 and I daren't do the math to find out how long ago that is. We met on our first day at St. Wilfred's RC Junior and Infant school on Millhouses Lane in Sheffield. We were in the same class for the next six years and were both quite bright (!). Jayne would always come first in English tests with yours truly running a close second, and the situation was reversed for Mathematics. We then moved to Silverdale School together and had another five years of being really good friends. When the dinner ladies used to catch our group smoking in the loos at lunchtimes - they would always send Jayne and I away and then report the others to the Headteacher. Us two never once got into trouble for smoking - I think we were the school's best hope for good O level results.

As so often happens - over the ensuing years we lost touch - with occasional contact - giggly telephone calls etc - and then we got together again in 2000 during the event of our 20 years school reunion party.

When I lived in Sheffield before we used to go out down 'Eccy Road' on a Wednesday night, which was always fun. Jayne has this amazing laugh which starts in her throat and then giggles out ...just to see her laughing always makes me laugh.

She now has three children of her own - two of which are studying to become doctors - the 'bright' gene must have been passed on.

I'm going to see her today, and I can't wait :)


  1. Maybe if you had been sent to the head for smoking you would not still be puffing away on the old death sticks now. :-)

  2. Hmmmm, others got the cane for puffing it... not the two 'L' band miss goody two shoes Jayne & Tracy!! LOL
    Gave up 5 yrs ago myself, best thing I ever did!!!!! can I have a medal?;)

  3. No Sarah you can't! But you can see me after fact go and stand outside Mr Sanderson's office !


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