Sunday 18 April 2010

Better next week - please?

You've got to laugh. Honestly - you do, you really do. Because I'm telling you - if you were living my life right now - if you couldn't find it inside yourself to laugh - you'd be roarin' your eyes out! Fortunately I have a sense of humour which is quite well developed...and despite all that this sometimes ridiculous life chucks at me - I can still laugh. Which is a blessing - (unless you are a shareholder in 'Kleenex Paper Products' - as I'm laughing not crying and your share price is not going to increase due to higher sales in the Sheffield area any time soon!!).

This week I have been 'spoken to' by our hardworking local Constabulary - although I have to say they were very nice and polite and more than happy with the outcome of our conversation - I think they realised that the 'other' party had a particularly blunt axe to grind - and were a little bit annoyed about having their precious time wasted - in all honesty they have real criminals to apprehend..............

Yesterday evening I found myself in a situation with someone who was ......let's just say....not at all moderate in their opinions - and hell bent on not only sharing their political opinions - but also determined to insult and harrangue anybody else who didn't completely agree with their extreme views. For me - that was a tad challenging :)....although you'll be pleased and no doubt surprised to know that I managed to keep the polite and somewhat strained smile fixed firmly upon my face - and never said a word.

This afternoon I have been out to meet someone for coffee (on a kind of date) - who - when the bill came - got out his mobile phone - switched to the calculator application and proceeded to work out exactly how much I owed for the two coffees I had consumed - un..fucking...believable. I just paid the total bill - telling him that it was 'my pleasure' when he protested - weakly. What a loser!

Before I go to sleep tonight I am going down on bended knee (no - not for that) by my bedside and I am going to offer up a prayer to 'im upstairs - for some slight improvement in things in general. Nothing specific - don't want to make it difficult for him - just generally a bit better next week please!!!

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