Friday 16 April 2010

Nature 1 - Technology 0

Once again nature defeats us. The current volcano eruption has been responsible for the complete thwarting of all our modern computers and machinery and new-fangled airliner and airport technology. Last year it was the floods.....we've had hurricanes and tsunamis, and here in blighty - a stiff breeze is all it takes to render us helpless.

As a race we think we're very clever - with all we can do nowadays - but Mother Nature always has the last word - which is exactly as it should be seeing as she's a woman :)


  1. Firstly, it is only planes that are grounded, not computers and technology. The planes are grounded because volcanic ash entering the engine is like using sandpaper at 100mph on all the engine parts, Not good!

    Secondly, nature is a well oiled, self repairing machine. There is no way 'Mother Nature' exists. Pappa Nature maybe. :-)

  2. I meant that even the computers and technology that is used in the airline industry cannot help them to get the 'planes off the ground.

    And don't even try to change the gender of nature. It's always been Mother nature, and it always will be :)


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