Thursday 22 April 2010

Ear'ole issues

Regular readers will know that in the past I have had trouble with my ear. It's always the same one, and it blocks up...all by itself. In the last twelve months I've had said ear syringed three times and had two infections in it! This is not good news for a recreational scuba diver. Actually it's not good for any kind of middle aged diva such as myself - constantly turning one's head towards the direction of conversation, or to the telly, is not a good look. I kind of appear to have some kind of twitch - or nervous tic. Today I rang my Doctor's surgery to make an appointment to have it flushed out - only to be told that they don't do that anymore. What's a girl with a blocked up ear'ole supposed to do?...Google...that's what! I found a clinic in town that carry out said procedure and have an appointment booked for tomorrow morning at 11.15! I can hardly wait...I am so excited:) I know it's sad - but honestly having a blocked ear un-blocked is such a lovely feeling. And to re-gain stereo sound again is fab!

When I go out on the lash with Jayne tomorrow night I will be able to hear all the handsome young men telling me I'm sexy and offering to buy me a drink!

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