Friday 30 April 2010

Food Bill

This article from the Guardian lists some of the MP's expenses claims (remember that? I know it's been a bit overshadowed during recent days...what with Leader's debates and Mrs Duffy and all)....have a look - there's nothing massively shocking on there - however I wasn't aware that MPs are allowed up to £400 per month for food! Wouldn't they need to eat whatever job they were doing and where ever they are sleeping? Doesn't make sense to me......In any job I've ever had (and word .... I've had a few) I've never been able to claim for scran - unless I've been entertaining. It seems that the MPs can claim for supermarket shopping! What a great thing!!! I'm glad that they're all well fed :) After all they need to keep their strength up.

Interestingly - £100 per week is more than most people who claim benefits get in total - for food, heating, lighting and all their living expenses...(not including rent of course)...and I'm not saying I condone living on benefits - it's just that the difference in what is okay for some folks to live on and buy food, and what others get is a bit ironic.

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