Saturday 10 April 2010

Prison Visit

I'm off to prison soon. "Not a moment too soon" I can hear some of you saying. Sorry to disappoint - but I'm not going as an inmate - rather as a visitor. A really good friend of mine has sadly been caught, and then convicted of a crime and was given a custodial sentence. Not being the judgemental type, I am still his friend and although I don't want any kind of heated debate regarding punishments......suffice to say I feel his sentence was quite harsh - and he hasn't done anything to hurt anybody in particular. Obviously - had he harmed anyone, I wouldn't still be his friend. But his crime was more on the 'helping people to part with their money' front.

Anyway I am hastily arranging a visitor's order so I can go and see him very soon. I think it should be in the next couple of weeks.

I have found out that I can take gifts of magazines and cigarettes and such like for I will.

Luckily - he's in an open prison - so I won't have to rub shoulders with murderers or terrorists or anyone of that ilk - no - we'll probably spend the hour doing painting by numbers, basket weaving or meandering through the gardens.

Another 'once in a lifetime' experience which I am sure I will learn something from.

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