Friday 30 April 2010

Great Weekend Afoot

I am so excited....I have a great weekend planned.....

Tonight I'm going out with Jayne for a few sherberts and a wander down Ecclesall Road - which is the place to be on a Friday night. Tomorrow I'm painting my house railings during the day (I know that's not exciting - but it kind of is because it means I am one step nearer to moving back in). Tomorrow night has two events.....firstly I am off to the 'Rising Sun' (venue of many a drunken night with Christian, Victoria and Helen in years gone by) to meet up with Stewart, Bruce and Matt. I went to school with these boys - and was a honorary member of their gang. There were about 7 of us in total and I was the only girl. We were seriously into rock music...bands like Thin Lizzy, Van Halen and Utopia, and we used to spend all our spare time together. When I moved back to Sheffield in 1991 we got back in touch - and once again I was the girl in the boys gang. I bumped into Stewart the other night in a restaurant and he invited me on their boys night out on Saturday. I'm sure it won't be as rowdy as our past nights out have been (we once left Matt asleep in a skip because he was so drunk we couldn't get him home - and it was December...I'm surprised he didn't die)...(and then there was the party in a flat where I was so drunk I fell down a fire escape, stood up and walked straight back in and had another broken injuries at all!!) but it's bound to be fun - and then later tomorrow night Fiona and I are going to Pete's 50th Birthday at the 'Three Merry Lads'. Pete has been a pal for ages - and we'll be dancing - no doubt at all x

Then on Sunday - my lovely pal Liz is calling somewhere near here for a meet up on her way home from the North East.

I'll be knackered by Sunday night! But it's going to be great!

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