Thursday 15 April 2010


Sometimes people do things that leave me absolutely staggered. That any person can stoop so low is simply unbelievable. I don't believe that 'evil' exists. You could argue that people who hurt kids are evil, or people who hurt animals...but my take on that is that they are ill...sick...whatever....

However - sometimes people do things that you simply cannot understand. They must be motivated by their own inner pain, torment, insecurity - or weird kind of need for revenge that comes from some left field somewhere.

I understand that - everybody has a dark side - or dark moments - and they do things which perhaps they shouldn't. The motivation that exists when these acts take place can only garner pity. It must be awful to be so driven by dark thoughts that you would deliberately set out to hurt or damage another.

Fortunately - I understand all of this - and feel only sorrow for people who act that way. I wish them love and peace in their hearts, today and always. Hopefully one day they may realise that their actions were wrong and only succeeded in perpetuating their own bad feelings. The thing about trying to damage others is that it rarely hurts the person for whom it is intended - rather it leaves the perpetrator feeling worse - not better - as they imagined it would.

Revenge is never a good idea....never, ever, ever.

I am okay, and strong enough to take anything that is thrown at me. There is nothing you can do which can truly hurt me because I am strong and good on the inside. I know this. So - do your worst, waste more time, increase your dark thoughts and feelings and keep on attacking me......and may God bless you, forgive you ...and help you to find peace in your heart xx

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