Monday 12 April 2010

Big Teeth

Yesterday lunchtime I popped out to meet yet another chap from the dating website. He seemed nice - but once again - absolutely no spark and..... he had the biggest teeth I have ever seen. (Oh Grandma - what big teeth you have). I was sitting there chatting with him and all I could think about was the size of his gnashers. I couldn't imagine where they had come from. Tombstones doesn't quite convey just how massive they were. Now I now why he wasn't smiling on his photograph. Cosmetic dentistry - anyone?

Once again - after twenty minutes of chatting to him I was deadly bored - but good manners dictate that you have to stay for at least an would be rude to dash off after twenty minutes.

I don't think I'm going to pay for next month's membership because this website dating lark just isn't working for me. There are some very nice people out there - but quite frankly - after the last eighteen months I've had - I really don't think it's the way forward. Maybe being on my own for a while is what's right for me. Perhaps my heart / head is telling me that it's just now what I need right now :)


  1. dating seen yet again - still charging are you

  2. dating seen yet again - still charging are you

  3. best you keep your comments to yourself, it is very easy for me to track you through this as it is what I do for a living - be warned if you continue you will have a visitor at your door and they will not be bearing gifts.


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